How to get a shot of Joy

Helllooouuuuu fellow Happyners!


Today I want to share what I feel is the first source of happiness in this life . I will call it my reason numba one out of …I still don’t know how many… BUT that’s what we’re here for :p. We’re all born into this world with someones. Someones that take care of us, that protect us, that make us laugh, that change our diapers, and wipe our butts (imagine the amount of love in these people). As such, these protectors stand as a shield against any adversity, disease, enemies (fellow siblings) that might threaten our existence. For instance, I once unscrewed my sister’s crib while she slept in it, but my mom found out and saved the day (it’s strange how these mothers have a sixth sense that something is amiss).

In retrospect and in my defense, I was being neglected as I was no longer the baby of the family. And it was that need of attention that drove me to starting my criminal career (take note – this need can lead to disaster). Just like my sister, we are all born into this world as fragile creatures in need of constant nourishment. Parents provide this – they feed us, clothe us, take us to school and teach us proper values. They love us despite all our criminal tendencies or/and unruly behavior in our early years as well as in our late years.

Sometimes, while I think about the love my parents have for me I like to think . . . This is probably what the Christians talk about when they say God loves us unconditionally and despite our faults and weaknesses. And even thou we grow up and develop a false sense of independence, I truly believe that inside we are all children in want and need of protecting love. So, God/The Universe/Allah bless all the mothers and fathers out there that stand as heroes in our lives. To those (mothers, fathers, parent figures) that don’t have the ability to fly, because they have given us their wings. That don’t have capes, because we would pull them constantly as children. To them that lack super speed because we clung to their arms and legs.

So, I believe first source of happiness in our list – being the first thing in our lives . . . FAMILY.


1. Tell your family or friends how much they mean to you

We tend to think – “ahh pshh they should know since I do all this for them”. And yes, do do do, but say! It is a skill to make the mouth speak from the heart. Let’s practice this skill and master it. I fear that one day life would fly by and my parents or grandparents would pass away and I would be burdened with the pain of regret from not having called them or listened to their hilarious stories. I believe none of us want this lingering pain in our hearts. So, let’s be happy together and pick up that cellphone and call your grandma, grandpa, father, mother, sibling, and just tell them: “Hey fellow rascal (brother/sister)/papa/mama/nanny/old pal, I miss you and I love you” and hang up the phone and throw it far away from you. Well this will be my process until I get a good hang of it. Usually in our family we counter attack I love you with: “I love you idiot”, or “I love you stupid”. So, getting to the habit of just saying “I love you” with no balance in the equation, will be a challenge.

2. When to do it: ASAP. As to whether it should be in the morning, at night, or in the evening. Who cares? Shoot it out at 2 AM if you’re feeling it. If it was me I would do it at the least expected time, just because they will pick up considering it is something important . . . AND IT FREAKING IS!!! Who knows what could happen in the next hour or the next minute? Once my dad told me: “Hey son, I want to tell you something” and I was like sure dad. And then he said, “I love you” and I said” Dad, I thought it was something important”. And my grandmother instantly jumped into our conversation and said: “Hey, that is the most important thing he could say to you”. So say it whenever.

3. Where: Irrelevant.

Say Say Say and Dodo (as in do and do again). You will find that in life, there are many important things, and we can feel overwhelmed by the need to pay for a mortgage, car, insurance, cell phone, or whatevs. But if we just take a moment to remember that throughout our lives we were never alone, we will find a family member or a friend that we can call. God blesses us with all these people that make us who we are, everyone we have ever met lives a little in us and taught something in their own special way. Thank you to all of you that have become part of my book of life. Your memories always live in my mind and in my heart.

If your shot of joy was worth it and effective be sure to post a little something about how you felt: Tipsy? Ecstatic? It’s all good.

JOY OUT (kinda like peace out… ya know…) fellow happyners!

P.S. WE GOT A WEEK TO DO THIS! have to give ourselves some deadlines… you know how that goes.

The Journey Begins watching Garrik

Hello Happyners!

Thanks for joining me on our quest and search for what we call happiness!

As I begin this sojourn along your side, I would like to let you know that I have no idea on how to get there. But if we get lost, we will get lost together and that would be a great adventure in itself. Along the way we can chat, cheer, and motivate each other. We can sing, exercise, travel, and accomplish everything we set our minds to. And why not get together for a cup of tea, or go out to eat some cherries in the wilderness (and then get some kind of poisoning) . Maybe we can teach each other different languages and help each other learn many new things. I call this site Happyning In me! since I believe that happiness is constantly living and ongoing in each of us. It is our challenge to find it where it hides and make the most out of it. It is our challenge to look at the skies and get bird doo doo in our eyes. To get yourself dirty in the mud of living, just for the heck of it.

Here’s to this life and all the wonderful people in it! To those who live and to those that have passed! To all that have helped us shape our lives and our characters. For the incredible teachings each of you have shared without knowing, without even thinking that you were planting a seed in a hopeless or lonely heart.

To begin I will share a poem that I myself and me translated especially for you. This Poem is by Juan de Dios Peza (John of God is heavy). This poet was able to plant a seed in my heart that led me to a search of finding true happiness  not because of its inspirational words on where and how to find joy, but because of its story of a man who seemed happy to all, Maybe you too can relate, and if you think: “This is about happiness – why do we read this sad poem”, perhaps the feeling of being melancholic, of feeling that emotion, of knowing you are alive, maybe.. thats part of happiness too :).

Laugh Crying

Watching Garrik – actor from England –

the people would say applauding at his craft:

“You are the funniest one on earth

and the happiest one…”

And the comedian would laugh.


Victims of melancholy, the highest lords,

during their darkest and heaviest ills

would go see the king of actors

and change their spleen into laughing thrills.


Once, before a famous doctor,

came a man with somber eyes:

“I suffer – he said -, an illness so horrible

as this grim paleness of my demise”


“Nothing holds any enchantment or attractiveness;

I don’t care about my name or my fate

I die living an eternal melancholy

and my only hope is that of death”.


– Travel and distract yourself

– I’ve traveled much

– Search for readings

  • I do as such


– Have a woman love you

– Loved I am

– Get a title

  • I was born a noble man


– Might you be poor?

– I have my richness

– Do you like compliments?

– I have my share

– What do you have as a family?

– My sadness

– Do you go to the cemeteries?

  • Often here and often there


– Of your current life, do you have witnesses?

– Yes, but I don’t let them impose their burdens;

I call the dead my friends;

I call the living my curses.


Your illness– added the doctor – leaves me perplexed but you should not fear;

Take today this advised prescription next

only watching Garrik can fill you with cheer.




“Indeed, Garrik! All

The patrons of the arts adore his act.

Without a doubt his name you will recall.

I saw him once myself, in fact!


And he will make me laugh?


-Ah, yes, I swear so sure;

he and no one but him, can change your condition

-With this  – said the patient – I won’t be cured;

I am Garrik! Change my prescription.


How many are there who wearily live

With burdens of hopelessness, grief and despair?

And receive compliments and laughter give

Like a suicide actor in need of repair?


Oh how many times we laugh when we cry!

No one should bet on the laugh of a while

Because in those hurts and grieves that we try to deny

The soul cries while the face throws a smile


If faith dies away, if calmness departs

If only thistles our soles encounter

The tempest of the soul through the countenance begins

To strike a saddened lighting: laughter


Life is a brief engulfing masquerade

Carnival of life, take is in your lovely lie

Here we learn to cry with smiles

And while laughing out loud cry.

  • Juan De Dios Peza


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton